May 13, 2021

At long last Ayurveda Hospitals are permitted to treat the Covid-19 affected patients. This was revealed by State by Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID Disease Control Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle. Also, it was followed. by State Minister of Indigenous Medicine Promotion, Rural and Ayurveda Hospitals Development and Community Health, Sisira Jayakody, all coronavirus patients​ will be treated in Ayurvedic hospitals with normal ‘Deseeya’ (local) treatment such as ‘Kanda’ (porridge), boiled coriander water, inhaling vaper etc. Yet again, some newspapers gave contradictory versions regarding this matter. However, the Sinhala Medical Heritage Forum (Sinhala Veda Uruma Bharaya) exposed this matter, Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle has authorised treatment of Deseeya Medicine to treat Coronavirus patients in Ayurvedic Hospitals.

Various arguments against Western Medicine and Hela Veda Kama (Hereditary treatment coming down from generation to generation), particularly with the eruption of Covid-19 pandemic surfaced from March 2020, due the lack of an exact western medicine to cure the Coronavirus. No one expected such a calamity befall on every nation that crippled the world economy.  

The pandemic was prophesied well in advance by ‘Ganga Sudarshani Manio’ participating in the ‘YouTube’ (Ravana Creations) Channel. She predicted in 2012, 2013 & 2016 about the Universe becoming irascible and an epidemic will kill thousands of people across the world. She is believed to be the shining star in Asia who can communicate with the Universe through meditative powers. She also predicted that the Universe had chosen Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the next President of Sri Lanka when everyone backed Sajith Premadasa. From December 2020, she organised to conduct a (Dolos Maha Piritha), a yearlong continuous Pirith chanting from Ruwanweli Seya in Anuradhapura.  It is also mentioned in the Bible as follows in Amos 8:3; 10; 11 & 12; 13. Jeramiah 16:4 ; 16:9; 16;5 ; 6 and 8: Isaiah 21:11 ; Exodus 30: 18:21  and Leviticvs 13:45 46 Mask) and Leviticus 13: 4-5 (Quarantine)

  1. The songs in the temple will go away  and corpses  are so numerous that they are thrown way.
  2. The earth will shake 
  3. Festivals and celebrations become sad.
  4.   Bitter days ahead.
  5. You will not be able to hear the word.
  6. Young people fall unconscious.
  7. Marriages will be without celebrations
  8. People will die of deadly diseases.
  9. People will not be able to mourn for their dead. They will not be able to bury their dead.
  10. People will not go to the house of sorrow and will not show sympathy.
  11. Big and small, old, and young will die. There will be no one to bury them.
  12. Come my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors: hide thyself for  a little while, till the fury pass away (Isaiah 2:11) .
  13. Wash your hands so that they do not die)
  14. Keep distance if you have symptoms. Cover your mouth and avoid contact and whoever is sick should  stay inside their tent for 7-14 days (quarantine)

Medicine for Covid-19

Coronavirus affected patients were initially treated with home made boiled Coriander (Kottamalli) water and inhaling steam (in various forms).  Sri Lankan hospitals had to depend on Panadol or Paracetamol, as there was no effective medicine attack the virus. As the number of patients increased, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s forward-thinking plan helped to devise a formula to minimise the impact of the virus. It consisted of a special team assigned to deal of health experts and appointed the Army Commander to head this team. President’s  adopted formula,  in consultation with this special team of experts managed to curtail the spreading of the virus and Sri Lanka to become recognised for taking stern action to curb the virus. It is very unfortunate that the opposition parliamentary members keep on criticising the government in every step the government takes whereas internationally Sri Lanka received praise.

Numerous western nations did research to find a suitable vaccine on a fast lane against Covid-19 virus. Finally, Different vaccine types such as American Pfizer, UK’s AstraZeneca and Russia’s Sputnik etc. were invented within a short period of time. In Sri Lanka AstraZeneca vaccination drive was launched in January 2021. The second dose of the vaccination commenced on 28 April 2020. 


India suddenly became the worst country affected by Covid-19 pandemic. People were seen dropping dead on streets, and hospitals and cemeteries could not cope up with the situation.  Unlike in Sri Lanka there is no systematic approach in India to control the plague.  Instead there is ample criticism against the Indian policy makers and the Indian government adopting a lackadaisical attitude where even state elections and religious festivals were being held allowing thousands of citizens to assemble without wearing masks. 

Third Wave

It is feared that a 3rd wave of the virus that circulates in the air is more dangerous than any previous attacks. Small children are believed to be extremely susceptible.  It referred to a visitor from London who arrived in Sri Lanka, subjected to a PCR test was found in him the variant  of the Covid-19  is identical to deadly virus  and a highly contagious mutant of the Coronavirus found in the United Kingdom”. It was exposed by The University of Sri Jayawardena Research Centre. Immediately, the Sri Lankan media has gone haywire in carrying this hot news item in many Sri Lankan newspapers making headlines quoting: “UK variant cause of fast spread”. 

The writer was inundated with WhatsApp messages from his London friends against such adverse publicity in Sri Lanka. The infected person may have caught deadly variant of the Covid-19 they say, but to wholesale condemn UK is unfair. Alternatively, they comment that the numbers are on the decrease and Public Houses (Pubs) are now open including the major departmental stores! They maintain that the UK does not create  any virus, for that matter,  but the dangerous variant was ‘imported’ from another country by a traveller to the UK! It is therefore very wrong they uphold to categorically blame all UKs patients are affected by highly contagious mutant of the Coronavirus without giving any proof. And by doing so UK travellers will be barred entering Sri Lanka and not allowed to go out of the UK.   

Uncontrollable society

However much the Health Authorities advised the public to refrain from congregating during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year period, some people never did pay any heed to such advice, which caused a record a steep rise in Covid-19 cases exceeding over 1000 per day. There is no point in blaming the government or Health Authorities, but to blame should be directed at those who brought their sins upon themselves. It is extremely tragic that some of the opposition MPs are hell-bent on pointing finger at the government on every count, good or bad for political gains when the whole nation is at peril.

Deseeya Treatment for Covid-19It was a battleground from the very inception between the Deseeya treatment and western medicine. Western qualified doctors who are now qualified hailing from parents who were vedamatahatthayas (local & ayurvedic physicians) are being brainwashed by major pharmaceutical giants. This is expeditiously exposed in a youtube interview by a senior lecturer at the Open University, Nawala Mr. Nemsiri Jayatilleke. To get an idea of what he exposes one should focus on the URLhttps://www.youtube.com/hashtag/ayubowansrilanka, under “පාළුගෙයි වලං බිදින බටහිර වෛද්‍ය වරුන්ට පිලිතුරු මෙන්න | ලෝකයටදැනුම ලබාදුන්නේ කවුද?”. He says if the government did not bow down to Western orientated doctors’ ideas,  and adopted the  Hela  Veda Kama, Sri Lanka could have could have got rid of the coronavirus in two weeks’ time thus creating a new record in the world history akin to eradicating the LTTE war that lasted over 29 years.  Nemsiri Jayatilleke belongs to a group known as the Sinhala Medical Heritage Forum (Sinhala Veda Uruma Bharaya.)  They organised a second media conference. It is worth, who is interested in the topic to watch the youtube channel: https://youtu.be/fR2f-YPIRI

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