March 22, 2024

Being born to Sri Lankan’s parents, yet presently living in London and working, has created a somewhat disconnection to my motherland and a sense of misplacement to my current land! Yet, from the early years , I was always visiting Sri Lanka with my family where we could visit other family members whilst absorbing the scenic beauty of the count

These earlier memories are like hazy passing clouds ; yet when a up to the age of 16 years, I considered by UK standards, to be a young adult! (still a child by my parents’ standards), this is where my eyes began to open; as I travelled more and more often what could have my home too! This is when it started; truly seen the beautiful green heaven, which seemed almost the world’s , apart from this grey jungle the reality that I have known to be home.

Somehow, never truly feeling a sense of belonging to either place? Defined by a piece of piece of paper that I belong to another land! This, think is the paradox that many people face today. As much I am grateful for this freedom, my mind cannot escape the thought of, if Sri Lankan are my parents and my family’s motherland; then should it not be mine too?

Since the age of 21, I have been a young lady, with a broader sense of appreciation especially for nature, culture and history. In this spirit and with such a freedom In this spirit and with such a freedom. I began to travel as a tourist for what we call summer holidays/vacations in England.

I am lucky to have so many adventures across the globe; ranging from Western to Eastern Europe and far out to Australia and even to the big Apple New York! Yet despite having grazed so many places, seeing so many varying cultures and tasting many fine foods; somehow, after all of these explorations there is no other land that can captivate me more like beautiful than in Sri Lanka.

Each time I visit Sri Lanka, I find a deeper sense of discovery into my ancestry, but multifacetedly the time, I spent seemingly not long enough ! This again leads psychologically or could ponder ‘ what life would have been or could be like, if I were to have been born in Sri Lanka or even simply or to allowed non-restricted visits? Each trip to Sri Lanka I find to be cruelly short whereas, if had the privilege for 6-8 months I am confident that I could reach my full genetic potential, communicate in the way wish to, and get closer to what essentialia’s my roots and culture.

I am also in amazement of the fast development of the country and the beautification of modern towns, especially in Colombo and ne ways like mini metropolis every time I travel in Sri Lanka. The sky line has totally arranged from the earlier days when visiting as a child is simply astounding. With so much of development, yet my situation seems to remain the same and so, yet despite this, there is a true and raw beauty of the land, a certain spirit that is held by its people.

The Island offers so much in terms of culture, nature and history from arts to the forests to the heavenly beaches of the South East not forgetting the wonderful array of food and fruits that can only dream of when living in London- all the colours; it is and other world and a little piece of paradise.

I simply cannot escape the that this could have been my piece of paradise too, if not for a mere birth location and a piece of official government paper that separates me from my parents; their motherland, which technically I believe should be mine too, to ponder freely.

One day somehow , I would to like to find away to get back to Sri Lanka and have a home and settle down, as settle this is where if destined to be! As my parents had to follow a be important to ensure own it will be ensuring our ancestor and culture are prominent as it should

The first obstacle I realized that was my father had British Citizenship at the time of my birth in London. He was compelled to do so and lived within the Sri Lankan immigration regulation , that all “children born to Sri Lankan’s parents must be registered the High Commission of the country, which resulted my father could not be registered my birth at the Sri Lanka High Commission.

Now things seem to have changed rapidly with new government in office and everyone seems to be talking about a ” moderate” system and a very considerate President. I understand that Dual Nationality has been reinstated to anyone indiscriminately.

With this hopeful change in Government and its new and vibrant policies, I believe my situation too can shift towards a better tomorrow. As I begin to see the dark clouds of yesterday, because both my parents are native to Sri Lanka and have been granted dual nationality at present.

My brother, who is living and working in Switzerland and I am a mature working as a professional in London are wondering as to how we should go forward our plagued and restricted our life. Dual Nationality, the answer to which seems to be very clear with my case, not being registered at the Sri Lanka High Commississin due to my father being categorized as ‘British’ at the time but now he is considsidered a dual nationtional

I very much hope this article may be read by someone responsonsible within the Sri Lankan authorities will no doubt be able how to go about getting my dual nationality in the immediate future; especially considering that my name had not being registered within the Sri Lankan High Commission at the time of my birth.

By Rowena Sepali Fernando in London published on 24 Monday, 24 2015 – Rowef82@gmail.com

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