April 25, 2021

The late Ronal Senaratne called himself a ‘self-made psychoanalyst.’ He was popular among the Indian folk in London. Those who believed in ‘Chakra in the human body had faith in Ronald Senaratne’s predictions. ‘Chakras’ are various focal points used in multiple ancient meditation practices. He had travelled to the UK for the first time in 1988.  Apparently, news spread in London among the Sri Lankan community about mystic practitioners’ presence in London.  He later used to rent a room in London to survive the entire period in London out of his psychoanalytic readings.  

First Meeting.

I first met him at the  MCC Cricket Grounds at the Lord’s, during a cricket match between Sri Lanka vs England. During the conversation, I gathered that at the age of 15, Ronald had researched into the universal powers of pre-historic ‘Hela Yakka’ that developed over generations covering Ravana, Mandori, Vibishana, Pulasthi etc., He also acquired knowledge through Ramayana and folk stories in Sri Lanka. This experience of tapping into the invisible forces helped him to energise his subconscious mind through meditation where he seemingly developed a unique technique of touching various ‘chakras‘ in a person’s body to come out with the recipients’ problems. 

A book based on ‘Astral bodies and human body aura’ by  Lombasam Lomba strengthened his knowledge further that helped him delve into palmistry, astrology, psychic reading, hypnotherapy, clairvoyance and numerology.

In 1979 he was sent to an International Exhibition held in Frankfurt as a delegate to represent Laksala, where he worked as the Manager at the Fort Branch. From Germany, he proceeded to France, and  met with the Sri Lankan Ambassador, Tissa Wijeratne, who introduced him to many personalities in Paris.

En route to Sri Lanka, via England, he was introduced to the Leader of the then Liberal Party, the late Jeremy Thorpe, through a friend of Tissa Wijeratne. Ronald was also introduced to the late Dame Margret Thatcher by Tissa Wijeratne’s friend. He predicted that  Mrs Margaret Thatcher  would become ‘the Prime Minister of England with a landslide victory and a great victory for  the Conservative Party;  He also concluded that Mrs. Thatcher would govern  the UK  for over ten years!’

Contact with British politicians

With an unpredictable tactile phenomenon, he could divulge  many  controversial  facts in front of the recipient’s eyes, irrespective of one’s social background that shock many seekers  and become dumb founded in front of him.


February 1970: Liberal party leader and Member of Parliament for North Devon Jeremy Thorpe in his office at the Houses of Parliament, London. (Photo by Harry Todd/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Ronald predicted that Jeromy Thorpe would get involved in an embarrassing court case, but he would be exonerated of all allegations, yet his political career would be in danger!  Few years later, as Ronald envisaged, Jeremy Thorpe faced trial on a scandalous homosexual accusation. Finally, he was acquitted but he lost his party leadership and disappeared from the political scene forever. Ronald Senaratne also predicted about Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s civil rights case in advance, yet  he maintained that she would continue her political career without  any hindrance in the future. Ronald Senaratne also predicted Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s political come back and also her son Rajiv Gandhi’s transformation from  an airline pilot to an international young political leader. Pakistan’s President Zia Ul-Haq’s tragic end has also been recorded by this Sri Lanka psychoanalyst. I did write about this ‘Sri Lankan clairvoyant who used tactile phenomena in the Sunday Observer on 27 November 1988.

During the UK elections in 1979, Mrs Thatcher won a landslide victory for the Conservative party. She was elected as the Prime Minister and continued for over ten years, as Ronald predicted.  Jeromy Thorpe too wrote to Ronald thanking him for his accurate predictions. Ronald used such letters to his advantage and exhibited those complimentary letters to whoever was cynical about his tactile approaches. He always complimented Mrs Thatcher akin to the Ancient Mariner in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem – ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’

He would say that  ‘Sri Lanka need to be thankful to Mrs Thatcher for the Mahaveli Victoria dam project in Kandy, as it was named to honour Queen Victoria, one of the greatest monarchs, who ruled England and the British Empire for an extended period.

Psycho-analytical sojourns

Indian Actress getting a reading done from Ronald

The accurate predictions on two staunch British politicians encouraged Ronald to delve into the subject in a much deeper sense and to develop new contacts in many parts of the West and in the USA. He became more popular as a ‘psychic consultant’ among his new fans. They always invited him regularly to visit them to their countries and provided board and lodging for him. That kind of gesture enabled him to visit the West,  India and the USA annually. He called such travels  “psycho-analytical sojourns“.

His motto was, “seeing is believing“, “touch is fascinating and real”, and “practical experience is nature consciousness“. In attempts to put such theories into practice, quite often, he experienced barrages of criticism from the UK Sri Lankan expatriates,though  many acknowledged his astuteness.

Ronald identified those points in the human body connected with chakras. When he met with the Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn, in the company of Shirley Temple, he followed the protocol to advise Goldie Hawn about his technique, akin to a native doctor feeling his patient’s pulse. Goldie Hawn brushed such ‘ nonsense’ aside and allowed him to follow his style. Having done so, Ronaldpredicted several personal details to her, which convinced her immeasurably. On June 13, 1966, he received a fax message from Goldie Hawn,  which read, in part, as follows: 

“Dear Ronald,

I had the most enlightening experience with you today. More than forecasting the future, you saw my soul through your gift of reading the light chakra energy – Goldie Hawn“.

After Ronald’s meeting with the Hollywood actress became public knowledge, by word -of – mouth, Sri Lankans in the USA, as well as Americans, sought after him, thus increasing his USA clientele.

Before leaving the USA  Ronald visited Goldie Hawn again in her mansion to bid her goodbye. At that moment she was relaxing in her private swimming pool at home. She welcomed him cordially and issued him a cheque for $500 as a gift token. On his return to London and visited me with this fascinating story, and showed me the cheque, I immediately published it in a Sri Lankan English newspaper, with the copy of the cheque.  I was accredited as the London Correspondent for a newspaper group in Sri Lanka at the time.

Essence of nature

Delving further into the subject of nature, he referred to the Sidashwatha ( Bo ) tree, which protected Prince Siddhartha during his tedious process of seeking enlightenment to become the Buddha. The Bo-tree and Prince Siddhartha’s relationship appears to be a  symbol of interwoven natural elements blending with everything in individual consciousness.  In other words, it develops the sixth sense in man, who then realises the amount of permanency and impermanency within one.

Presenting his book to Dr. Jayasinghe in Californial

His first book.

His first book was on his travel experiences based on “Sangna Lokayen Vihidena Rahas” (secrets that emanate out of the universe ) on topics covering his meetings with eminent universal personalities;   Human aura, Radiation of energy out of the  Bo Tree; Kingdom of death, Under-water eye, Mighty ocean, ‘Naga Lowa’ (Kingdom of snakes) et al.

Dr Praneeth Abayasundara of Sri Jayewardenepura University once commented on Ronald Senaratne’s book and said that “a psychic expert had gained a profound knowledge of meditative forms”. He raised some questions  to every reader of this book by asking :Whether people should accept only things that can be seen and heard? Are there not many facets to life  where people are unable to see and hear? How many research papers are there concentrating on such topics, and can such work be considered good science? At the time of his demise, Ronald Senaratne was working on an English version of the book. He hoped to write in-depth with more comprehensive and concise additional material and revelations out of his latest experiences.

Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayake – First Prime Minister in the world

He always associated with Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike – studying, analysing, and discussing the planetary movements that affected her life. When her future appeared to be ‘clouded‘ with a pending civic rights case against her, she consulted Ronald Senaratne and wanted to know the case’s outcome,  ( It was mentioned earlier in the article).

Mrs Bandaranaike always invited Ronal Senaratne to her birthday parties, whenever he was in Sri Lanka and introduced him to her friends and relations.  Ronald Senaratne always maintained it was her aura that helped the Sri Lanka Freedom Party gain power within a short period of its establishment. Also, he predicted about her daughter, Chandrika Bananalike Kumaratungawould becoming the President of Sri Lanka and govern the country for 11 consecutive years.

During 12 years of traumatic experience of her  Ronald Senaratne’s predictions came true.  Not only Mrs Bandaranaike became the Prime Minister of  Sri Lanka for the third time, but  she became the first woman Prime Minister of the world. Many other females such as the Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir  followed suit.

Chandrika Kumaratunge Bandaranaike

Ronal Senaratne’s ultimate ambition in life was to retire as a ‘global senior citizen’ by travelling around the world and tapping into peoples’ auras.

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