September 2, 2021

There is an intensive drive by the Government to vaccinate people, irrespective of the type of vaccines. The adverse after-effects following vaccination are increasingly becoming evident worldwide. There is established proof that by vaccination, besides other complications like allergy etc., the formation of unusual blood clots (thrombotic complications) is a deadly possibility as an after effect. Blood clots in circulation can be deadly as they may precipitate pulmonary embolism, strokes, and heart attacks and place the liver in danger’‘ says Dr Mass R. Usuf, (President of the National Association of Homoeopaths & Affiliates)!

Dr Lalith Mendis, former Lecturer in Charge of the  Dept. of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Kelaniya, refers to ‘people who have reacted to the vaccine with allergies – including anaphylaxis, thrombotic complications, myocarditis or neurological complications’.

EudraVigilance,  The European Medicines Agency (EMA) provides guidance and support to medicine developers. This includes scientific and regulatory information on how to design and run clinical trials, compliance standards, and obligations and incentives for developers of specialised medicines. The European Union database of suspected drug reactions has reported over 21,000 deaths and over two million disabilities following Covid-19 injections.



Health Impact News – USA states: “ We have also documented several stories this year where nurses have died or been crippled from the COVID shots”. It also states: “ From age 12 to those in their 20s, formerly healthy young people are now dying and permanently crippled by the COVID shots.” (https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/critical-nursing-shortages-hit-hospitals-nationwide-as-nurses-quit-or-are-fired-over-covid-vaccine-mandates/) + (https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/. “We-are-destroying-the-lives-of-our-young-with-experimental-covid-injections/)”.

According to the UK Government, following COVID-19 Injections, over one million disabilities and  1, 500 deaths have been recorded (https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/1135579-injuries-1559-dead-in-the-uk-following-covid-19-injections-according-to-uk-government/).

It appears that Sri Lanka does not have a facility to record deaths and disabilities that may be attributed to post-vaccination, and hundreds of such deaths and disabilities may be taken for granted as usual and as not related to vaccination!

To negate life-threatening thrombotic complications and other ill effects of the vaccination, Dr Usuf says that every vaccinated person must resort to specific Homeopathic drugs (Tuja 1M- 3 globules one dose only) that would stop clots, de-coagulate formed clots, help maintain apposite blood-viscosity and integrity of micro-capillary circulation. This would, to a great extent, prevent post-vaccination deaths and disability, said Dr Usuf.

Nevertheless, because of the vigorous campaign by the Government, in tandem with the rumour generated fear factor, it may be argued whether people are rushing to various vaccination centres              en masse to get the jab are unknowingly placing their lives at risk!

Those who argue against vaccination say vaccination cannot be made mandatory because it stifles the freedom of the people’s choice. The Covid-19 vaccine is only two years old, and no one can be definite about the short and long term adverse after-effects of the vaccine.

Usually, a vaccine is tested for a long time before being authorised for use on a mass scale. But due to the rapid worldwide spread of the pandemic, several pharma companies  have come up with numerous types of vaccines within a short time- – spoken in jest as the ‘vaccine mafia’!

Sergeant-at-Arms (Parliament) Narendra Fernando has said (Island electronic paper on 11 August 2021) : “ People could not be forced to receive vaccinations.” He also said “ perhaps about a dozen MPs out of 225 had not taken the vaccine. As vaccination was not mandatory, the MPs and the Parliament staff COULD decline the offer.”

As mentioned in my previous week’s article (‘Getting Vaccinated’), Dr Mass R. Usuf stated that a few homoeopathy drugs are highly effective against the Covid-19 virus. The writer is aware that Dr Usuf has cured dozens over dozens of Covid patients, even those in ICU’s in serious condition, primarily within 48 hours.

He boldly states that Homoeopathy can effectively combat any mutating Covid variant – unlike vaccines that may prove ineffective against virulent variants. He said that the Government Homeopathic Hospital in Welisara and Homeopathic dispensaries island-wide could be utilised as centres to cure those affected by Covid-19 – with mortality reduced to zero, and fast recovery, with no clogged hospitals and with no severe complications or disabilities.

Dr. Usuf suggests that the Ministry of Health vigorously promote Homeopathy and advise the populace to seek treatment from the Welisara Homeopathic hospital or the Homeopathic dispensaries island-wide. Such a promotion would provide confidence and much-needed relief to people who are confounded by this virus menace!

Dr. Usuf emphatically states that any patient afflicted with the virus can have a speedy recovery with no severe complications with the use of Homoeopathy within 48 hours. ‘Nobody needs to die’!  He further says that if Homoeopathy drugs are administered as soon as a patient manifests symptoms, it will stop the further progress of the disease. Obviously, with this type of relief, any patient and kith and kin would not panic and be left hopeless! As the day passes, one can see the remarkable transition from a sick, threatening state to a healthy one!

The President of the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS), Dr Lakkumar Fernando, quoted in Red Bold Letters in the Ceylon Today Newspaper on 17 August 2021: “Although some progress has been made, vaccination drive cannot control the latest Covid-19 wave!”

His argument agrees with many other critics against vaccination as most people are reluctant to get vaccinated. They are fearful of short and long-term side effects. The growing belief among people is that vaccinated people are getting infected and are dying or being disabled by post-vaccination adverse reactions. This is in keeping with the assertion of Dr Lalith Mendis, where those vaccinated suffer from adverse reactions.

Reports coming out of Israel claim hospitals are being filled with vaccinated people, 95 per cent of whom are suffering severe illness being fully vaccinated. The news out of Israel coincides with similar statistics coming out of Sydney, Australia, where government health officials late last month announced nearly all new Covid hospitalisations involve vaccinated people.


One cannot help but wonder, under the circumstances, if it is desirable to get Covid 19 and get rapidly cured by Homoeopathy rather than have the vaccination and carry the risk of falling dangerously sick or worse – face death or disability!

There is an exciting clip on YouTube  (https://youtu.be/RBiv8q_PWDU) where a Senior Lecturer at the Open University, Nawala, Nugegoda  states that those who are reluctant to get vaccinated for Covid-19 have the freedom NOT to get vaccinated. He is for resorting to complementary medicine to combat the Covid pandemic! He quotes an example of a patient before a surgical operation in a hospital giving his/her consent to the hospital in written form as it is his/her fundamental right. He cites the Nuremberg Code, which states that: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential.”  The Nuremberg Code was introduced after the Second World War.

Did someone invent Covid-19? The answer lies in a detailed description by Nemsiri Jayatilleke – also on YouTube (https://youtu.be/RBiv8q_PWDU), which is worth watching.

The scientific advisory group of the UK Government states that it was “almost certain” that  ” that a SARS-Cov-2 variant will emerge that “leads to current vaccine failure” emerge that “leads to current vaccine failure“.   Meanwhile, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say, ‘the Covid variants labelled Epsilon and Lambda have developed resistance to vaccines. These new vaccine-resistant variants may soon become dominant, and there is no way to manufacture vaccines as fast as the virus mutates. Furthermore, many poorer countries can’t afford them “(https://hpathy.com/editorials/editorial-august-2021-dealing-with-vaccine-resistant-variants/). 

Where would that leave Sri Lanka with its depleted foreign reserves and a mutating virus that defies vaccines? It is indeed very, very scary! Everyone thinks that if the country is to maintain its economy intact without a complete shutdown, and if sanity is prevails sans mass scale hysteria, the only alternative is to promote complementary therapeutic systems such as Homoeopathy and even Ayurveda – along with western emergency treatment only when necessary!

Any endeavours by the Government to force the vaccine on people can open the path leading to civil strife and litigation. It would, therefore, be prudent for the Government to focus on practical, complementary alternatives such as Homoeopathy (immensely capable of combating any variant successfully) and even Ayurveda to provide a rapid cure for those sick with Covid 19, thereby avoiding death and disability!

Dr. Usuf confidently says: ‘Homeopathic remedies will work effectively regardless of the variant. No virus can ever become resistant to Homeopathic remedies.’

The Covid pandemic threatens the world with more significant dangers to come, what with the unpredictable metamorphosis of the virus. The Government must carve out an approach free of politics, free of prejudice and dogma and with an open mind, to bring the situation under control.  It must resort to Homoeopathy with Ayurveda and western medicine visa vis emergencies.

Despite protective measures, thousands still mysteriously succumb to the virus. They suffer immensely with the fear of death looming over them…..and a proportion of them die! With Homoeopathy says Dr Usuf, ‘fear not, be not cowed down,..   suffer not, you need not die…..as the days pass by – you shall rise’!

Suppose if it is the Government’s genuine desire to protect its citizens, it must then gain the people’s trust by providing a practical way to provide protection and rapid cure with no dangerous side effects and complications and no threat to life. The solution is already here – Homeopathy!





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