About me

After primary education at Prince of Wales College Moratuwa, Sri Lanka; studied Transport Economics attached to the University of London ( Extra Mural Studies); Engineering – Automobile and Transport and Business Administration (MBA) at Willesden College of Technology, London , and finally obtained the status of PhD standing in Philosophy of Media Communication.


Executive and Management experience on British Rail Container Rail Transport (Freightliners – 900,000 TEUs per annum); Engineering; Business ( Airline Ticketing; Petroleum Retail Distribution- Director of Uniferns Ltd); worked for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, at the British Pharmacopoeia Commission Laboratory, Cannons Park, Middlesex and finally at the Medicines Control Agency, London (Executive Level) prior to a premedical retirement on medical grounds

Professional memberships obtained from The Chartered Institute of Transport, The Institute of Traffic Management, Institute of the Motor Industry and the Institute of Road Transport Engineers in the UK.

Journalistic Experience.

Commenced writing ( as past time hobby), during school boy days in Sri Lanka, and contributed articles to Sarasavi, Savasa, Geethangalie, Riviresa and Silumina, prior to leaving for the UK, for further studies. A rare composition of five Sinhala Poems, (Ekaswara Bandana ) without a single Ala Pilla, Pa Pilla, Is Pilla and Combuwa, was published by D.B.Dhanapala, Editor of Sawasa Newspaper .

Continued writing as a hobby in the UK; pursued a course in Journalism attached to the London School of Journalism. Worked, (on spare time) as the London Correspondent to English Newspapers in Sri Lanka from London, being Accredited as the London Correspondent at the Commonwealth Press Union (CPU), for Upali Newspapers Ltd (The Island’s London Diary ); Wijaya Newspapers Ltd (The Sunday Times – (Letter from London); Associated Newspapers Ltd (Daily News – In Focus, Life Abroad & Re-visiting PWC) and The Sunday Leader ( Satirical Column – London Kopi Kaday by Farrier).

Upon returning to Sri Lanka in 2006, worked as a Media Consultant attached to the Ministry of Defence (Media for National Security). Currently I am  a columnist at the Lake House  Group of Newspapers ( Daily News) mainly concentrating on social issues. As a writer I believe in objective and constructive journalism based on the aphorism “ Facts are Sacred, Comment is Free”.




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