Effects Of Chiromancy Or Palmistry

January 6, 2023


Chiromancy or palmistry is a skill of evaluating a person’s character or future by “reading” the palm of an individual’s hand. The heart line, head line, lifeline, etc., and the mounds immediately appearing under the base of each finger suggest elucidations by their relative sizes, qualities, and intersections. Some palm readers observe the characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, skin patterns, skin texture and colour, the palm’s shape and the hand’s flexibility.

Basic palmistry is entrenched in Greek mythology, where every area of the palm is related to a god or goddess. Those who dabble in palmistry without proper knowledge of the subject tend to accuse the entire Science. Different schools of thought indicate that the right hand predicts the future, whilst the left is considered the one which is inborn with, or what karma gives.

Highly developed Science

Palmistry is a highly developed science which has caught up in the Western world to such an extent that many people have begun to read their ‘stars column’  in the newspapers, akin to some belief in Rahu Kalaya in the orient.

Various theories among palmists differ in diverse forms. Some consider the right-hand dominant because it is believed to be the most frequently used hand by the average person. It represents the conscious mind, as opposed to the other hand relating to a past life or karmic conditions. Some palmists read men’s right hand, while others read the left, especially females.

The writer became enthusiastic about learning to read palms from a good old friend, a former Captain of the Army whom his friends called ‘Captain Fonseka’ in London. Despite ‘Captain’ possessing a good flock of silvery white hair, his interest in reading palms, especially on young females, at residential parties had been a flirtatious ploy.

He was pretty accurate in reading some individuals’ palms, which made the writer wonder whether he had any psychic influence other than the fundamental knowledge of palmistry! To the writer’s amazement, he accurately predicted the death of a young man in Sri Lanka when his mother approached him (Captain) in London.

Once, at a house party, the writer noticed Captain’s eyes becoming wide and his silky white hair standing on end as he was holding the soft hand of a beautiful young Indian girl in London. That made the writer delve into an area to ask him later about the secret behind such excitement. His answer came back swiftly like a bolt from the blue: “He said it’s simple, my dear! Never forget that love life between men and women is a common factor.”

Royal Palms

Many years ago, the world-renowned Palmist Ernie James did a public reading of five Royal palms and published them in the Sunday Magazine of ‘News of the World newspaper in the UK, exposing what was hidden in the Royal hands in 1988. Ernie James exposed Prince Charles’s (then) marriage to Princess Diana in 1988 was not as strong as many would have imagined. Referring to the (present KingCharles III), his ‘thick palm’ revealed that the Prince could have been an excellent farmer. His curved little finger indicated his deep frustrations. The rounded fingertips told that he could be secretive and intelligent.’ Earnie James revealed how “an unexpected factor was going to affect Prince Charles’s (then) private life. He elaborated to the Prince: “I am not sure if it is with another government, but if it were to come out, then it would be dynamite”! The newspaper revealed that he had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, which led to a Royal scandal but later, the Prince was able to marry her. Prince was said to be very possessive in character with an inventive brain and could be a ‘great flirt’ – both with women and ideas.

Princess Diana

Referring to the late Princess Diana’s hand, Ernie James had to say about her split personality. “ Timid character and full of self-doubt.’ She was identified as a workaholic but would not find true happiness for at least two years” (till 1990). Her head ruled her heart! ‘   She could have been a flirt than on a physical level, and she certainly had not the courage to follow it through”.

“Her love life was not as good as she would have imagined. Consequently, she was lonely and used to weep immediately. Princess Diana’s intuition was second to none because her previous life experiences carried forward to this birth. Ernie James predicted that her life would change when she was about 35. In 1989, ‘Princess Diana’ was warned about some problems ahead. She had much energy to burn off and was warned of a second marriage, and becoming pregnant was possible! However, on 31 August 1997,  Princess Diana met with a severe motor car accident at the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris when she was being driven to her hotel with Dodi Fayed, 41, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed. Both lives were extinguished in the motor car accident amidst rumours and speculations that she would marry millionaire Dodi once they got back to London. Since their deaths, Al-Fayed maintained in 1998 that MI6 orchestrated the accident on the instructions of the late Prince Philip, the late queen Elizabeth II’s husband (prince Philip), because the Royal family could not tolerate Princess Diana marrying a Muslim!

In 2001, during an interview with UK Daily Express,’ Al-Fayed claimed that ‘the Princess had been pregnant at the time of the accident! However, all his claims (175 in number) were dismissed by a Metropolitan Police enquiry in 2006. The jury verdict, given on 7 April 2008, was that Diana and Dodi had been “unlawfully killed” through the grossly negligent driving of the chauffeur,  who was intoxicated.

Duke of York

Prince Andrew’s square hand was a tell-tale sign, and he had to be the best in whatever he took part in. Referring to his bent first finger, Ernie James was much shrewder than the public thought. The third straight finger showed how he could not control his ego! He was the type to overpower with superior strength and frightened his wife. James stated that he and Fergie  ‘might have a fiery marriage ‘, but it will never be boring. On his birthday in 1988, Ernie predicted the Duchess of York to be pregnant according to her planetary formation.

Many Gaps between the bases of all Fergie’s ( Duchess of York) hands meant she could get through her money as if money didn’t exist. “She was compassionate and a psychic – though she doubted her powers”! Underneath, she is empathetic and easily hurt, but she was born with a vile tongue that helped her cover up anything by losing her temper and swearing. From an early age, she learnt how to manipulate other people. James declared, “ I will be surprised if Andrew doesn’t want to wring her neck at some time”!

“She was a chatterbox with incredible energy enough to keep several men happy. She wouldn’t hesitate to go out and get whatever she fancied.’ Her broken line between the fourth finger and little finger showed she was destined to be robust and in a high position.”

Prince Edward

A deep dot at the Centre of Prince Edward’s palm meant he would be wealthy indeed, not because he is a Royal, but Ernie James put it boldly by saying, “ even if he was my son, he could not lose on a financial level, not with that hand”. His love life will be a bit of a letdown. He is more sensitive and psychic than the rest of them put together. He needs to get away from his mother’s influence. His headline shows he has much courage.

Earnie  James finally declared that the lines in palms change might change every six months, so whatever was predicted during a particular reading was not going to be as bad as it sounded.





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