Rise and fall of Beatles – The Liverpool Rock Band

October 13, 2022


The Beatles was a rock band from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. The primary members of the Beatles were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. John Lennon was a singer, songwriter, musician, and peace activist. Paul McCartney inherits the former’s capability. Sir Richard Starkey (better known by his stage name Ringo Starr) is a singer, songwriter, and actor.

At the age of sixteen (John Lennon) and rhythm guitarist McCartney (the age of fifteen) had a meeting with two music-loving teenagers to discuss a separate rock music project. Lennon, at the time, performed with the Quarrymen, which blended jazz and folk music. In 1957 the formation of the group Beatles commenced.


The ‘Quarrymen’ accepted bookings initially at a charity church in Liverpool. When they set up their instruments for the performance in the evening, the Band’s bass player introduced Lennon to his classmate McCartney. Lennon enthusiastically joined the group and debuted his singing that night, making him a permanent member of the ‘Quarrymen.’ Over three years intermittently interspersed from 1960 to 1962, ‘The Quarrymen’ played for clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg (Germany) before forming the Beatles. Subsequently, the foursome formed the group, and pop music became popular. Consequently, the Beatles gradually expanded and made their reputation sturdier.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr initially performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. Brian Epstein, who became the manager later, saw the group in action. After reading about the Beatles in the magazine Mersey Beat’, which was recorded live at Newcastle 02 Academy – in 2018. Subsequently, Epstein’s family-owned record store magazine became popular. He approached the band and convinced him that he could manage the new band; finally, Epstein ended up with a five-year contract signed in January 1962 with the Beatles.

Brian became the Beatle’s manager, often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle”, alongside Paul, John, George and Ringo. He hardly had experience managing bands, but he made the Beatles worldwide recognisable. Epstein created another organisation known as ‘Northern Songs Ltd’ to publish the Beatles’ music separately. In doing so, he offered Lennon and McCartney a fifteen per cent commission out of the sales.

Epstein saw the band’s ability and how the four members were the best combination in music. He then began to work in earnestness to promote them. The band’s first UK single, “Please Me,” was recorded in November 1962, released in January 1963 and became number one on the UK charts. Epstein eventually travelled to the United States to secure a booking for the Beatles. Finally, the Beatles made their first appearance in the United States on a variety show in February 1964. It became so popular with a vast audience of over seventy million people.

International Fame

In the early part of 1964, the Beatles became international stars and became incomparable. They made their first film which became very popular ‘ A Hard Day’s Night, in 1964, which broke all box-office records. They ultimately ushered in the British invasion of the United States pop market. Their levels of commercial success became the leading force in Britain’s cultural recovery.

The Beatles decided to stop performing in 1966. Still, Epstein opposed such a decision to maintain the quality of ‘The Beatles’ music. Yet the group stopped performing in 1966 and changed their music style to culture-based values music of society. In doing so, their income fluctuated, making them move smoothly from Epstein.

During 1968 -1970 the group conducted many cheerful businesses meeting at their Head Quarters at Apple Records. Amidst the joyous meetings, Lennon hinted that he wanted to leave. Their new manager, Allen Klein, advised that Lennon would go the group but also announced that McCartney and Starr were about to quit the group. Also, Klein discovered a secret about Lennon leaving the group but kept it under the hat until the Apple Records ownership dispute. Although the group’s financial situation improved after signing the Apple ownership deal, Lennon left the band for good.

For a long time, a battle existed between Lennon and Starr on the appointment of Allen Klein of the Rolling Stones to take over as the Beatles’ manager when the group was desperate for revenue, which struck a wedge on their tours after Epstein’s death. In their desperate situation, they opened the Apple Boutique. They recovered a loss of around GBP 200,000 before closing it after eight months.

Lennon and Ono

In 1966 Lennon met Yoko Ono, a theoretical artist. In 1968 Yoko Ono was seen with John Lennon frequently. By 1969 they became inseparable. Yet, Yoko Ono expressively influenced John Lennon’s songwriting to appear on several Beatles tracks. There were also rumours about how Yoko Ono was responsible for breaking up the Beatles.

Lennon and McCartney eventually used Ono as an easy target for the breakdown of the Beatles. Lennon once 1970: pronounced, “I had to either marry the band or Yoko, and I chose Yoko Ono.”.

Lennon left the Beatles in September 1969. His departure remained a secret until April 10, 1970. In a press conference, McCartney revealed that his partnership with Lennon was over. Later, Lennon denied that he had left the Band, blaming McCartney.

Last Performance

The Beatles performed their last live public performance in London on 30 January 1969. Despite the hidden tensions, the company published numerous tracks by Lennon. At the same time, McCartney and the other Beatles worked in perfect harmony. Lennon later requested that his songs should be separate from McCartney’s. However, the blending of their music made the albums emblematic,

When the hostility between Lennon and McCartney became public knowledge, and the Beatles broke up, McCartney composed a song against Lennon, “Too Many People,”ming Lennon. In return, Lennon responded (with Yoko Ono), “How Do You Sleep? The only thing you have ever done was ‘Yesterday,’ and since you’re gone, you’re just ‘Another Day!”


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