November 23, 2020

Joe de Livera, Chairman of the historic store in Fort, ‘The Titus Stores’ is a close friend of the writer. He is one of the few motorists who drive three times a week, to his office in Fort and back at the age of ninety-one. He claims homoeopathy has contributed to his well-being and good health for the past so many years. 

The COVID-19 virus reached Sri Lanka in January 2020. The Government took significant steps to control the spreading of the virus under the direct guidance of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Consequently, Sri Lanka gained world recognition for effectively controlling the pandemic. 

The writer understands that the Homeopathic Council in Sri Lanka approached the Government with a possible Homeopathic treatment to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, the proposal got rejected due to homoeopathic drugs not being evaluated officially.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 

Joe de Livera requested the writer to co-operate with him to save thousands of lives in curing COVID-19 positive cases throughout the world. He has a website, where International hits exceed over one million. He once wrote on his website, a unique article under Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in the wet dose on 31 January 2020. In the article, he suggests that eupatorium perfoliatum 200 in a wet dose may succeed in treating COVID-19 patients. He also treats all patients who seek assistance with his Joepathy free of charge through his website (other classical homoeopaths on the Internet have dubbed his treatment as Joepathy).

He hopes and prays the medical profession will take notice of the first report of a positive response to his therapy of a confirmed COVID-19 case. He believes that it is vitally essential to prove that homoeopathy has a curing effect on seemingly impossible cases of the infection.

He came across the homoeopathic remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in 2005 for the common cold from which he was a frequent sufferer. It cured his common cold for which billions were expended throughout the world to find a cure. The success rate he achieved was around 75 per cent provided the patient took the remedy early, as soon as they felt the usual signs of an oncoming cold (sneezing and coryza).

Dengue Fever

In 2019 there was a dengue epidemic in Sri Lanka with over 100 fatalities, according to the count officially released. It occurred to him that the same remedy (Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in wet dose) could help treat Dengue fever, which is another virus borne disease vectored by the Aedes Egyptii mosquito. It surprised him when he achieved a success rate of 100 per cent in treating hundreds of patients by giving them Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 in wet dose medicine (free of charge). 

It was such a simple process where he medicated 500 ml of spring water with ten #30 globules of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c. It cured thousands of patients who presented the dengue virus in 2007, both in Sri Lanka and abroad. The symptoms of dengue fever are vomiting, fever and headaches, which ceases in an hour and the patient wakes up demanding water, which is not usually given to the patient by doctors. The patient’s platelet count, according to him is usually low and at times is 15000 and rises by 2,500 Platelets per hour. Doctors have recorded this ( he assures).

He has distributed hundreds of medicated bottles of water with this remedy free of charge since 2007.  The caregivers have testified that their patients were cured in less than 24 hours. His observation was based on the reports of patients who used it on dengue positive cases and recovered in 3-6 hours if treated within the first three days after infection. If the patient is hospitalised, he states, the recovery process through the IV drip is slower after the third day. 

He laments: “I offered this remedy to the National Hospital in Colombo and the IDH both free of charge to use it on a test basis on a few patients, but both consistently refused to do so up to this day. Consequently, we lost hundreds of precious lives unnecessarily due to dengue.”

He further adds: “I have been lobbying the health authorities in Sri Lanka and doctors and caregivers at several meetings.  The consensus that I encountered, especially from doctors to whom I had given this remedy, who used it on their patients discovered to their surprise how wonderfully well it worked. Nevertheless, they could not use it in their hospitals as they were governed by certain health regulations, which they had to follow under pain of losing their licence to practice.”

Firm Belief

He firmly believes Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose can be used to treat the COVID-19. What is required, he states “is to obtain #30 standard pellets or globules of which ten (10) can be medicated in a 500ml bottle of water available in supermarkets.”

The general public is alarmed by the many COVID-19 reports during the second phase. He has given this remedy to many clients in Colombo to be used as a prophylactic against COVID-19. According to him, a dose needs to be taken twice a day to ensure that it will hopefully protect the person. Many have informed him that they did not suffer the usual effects of COVID-19 after they used this remedy – such as catarrh and blocked noses; instead, they felt better.

March 2020

He gave this remedy to staff in his office (Titus Stores) last March 2020. He says there were no cases of infection up to date. He assures me the remedy will prevent the infection caused by even a sneeze from a COVID-19 patient. He believes the reader will understand the advantage of using his therapy (Joepathy), which can be used either as a prophylactic or a cure in the event of COVID-19. The remedy is available in almost all homoeopathic pharmacies throughout the world. There are two homoeopathic pharmacies in Maradana and in Ratmalana.

COVID-19 Remedy (His version)

The Remedy is Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in pellets or globules. Insert 10 (Ten) pellets into a 500ml bottle of water.  Take 10ml or the equivalent of a dessertspoonful of the medicated water, and wash the mouth swishing for a few seconds, take twice daily.  It will provide prophylactic cover.”

“If the PCR test is positive, the patient must take a dose of 10ml or a large dessertspoonful of the Remedy every 3 hours and the patient will usually feel better on the second day. He will be cured by the 4th day. Steam taken thrice daily is also used to hasten the cure,” he states.

It is his only hope that this Remedy is tested by the medical profession in the usual manner on a double-blind basis as the results (he assures)  will show that it works in a manner that is unbelievable. In stating so, he reiterates that “All I can do is provide this information based on a lifetime of homoeopathy research.  I do not take any drugs except on an SOS basis like after surgery. I owe my long life to the use of homoeopathy exclusively to treat myself.”

Joe de Livera received his first positive result in response to his article on Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c on his website, on 31 March 2020. The respondent stated thus:

I wrote to you for the first time in September/October 2017, seeking help for my father who suffered from cancer; and my mother in law suffered from a brain tumour, and my daughter suffered from asthma. Since the beginning of March 2018, my whole family drank Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in wet form, as suggested by you. I gave a bottle yesterday (2020) to a family that was confirmed as COVID-19 positive case.  The family’s dad, 50 years old, developed breathing problems and the mom who was already in the hospital was sent to recover at home. They are all doing much better today, after starting on the Eupatorium Perfoliatum. That is amazing! Be blessed for all the amazing work you do for humanity”.

Joe de Livera acknowledged:  “You are the first person to report an improvement of a COVID-19 positive case. I am indeed delighted that you did so. Please spread the word by sharing this vitally important information with the doctors in your city. Your IP address indicates that you live in Breda in the Netherlands. I would appreciate if you will remain in contact with me as your information can make a monumental difference in the treatment of patients suffering from COVID-19  throughout the world.

A Living Example of Preventing a Cluster

Joe de Livera stated he informed the export manager of a factory in Kolkata employing 3,000 workers. All the staff followed his instructions and started on Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose. The export manager later informed him that “not a single absentee was recorded ever since when all the employees followed your instructions to the letter, and all three furnaces in the factory were in full operation.” In contrast, many factories in the same area closed due to COVID-19. 

Many people suffer and die of COVID-19 because homoeopathy has not got a shred of scientific evidence to support! It is a tragedy in the wake of millions who embrace death and Western scientists have been unable to find a COVID-19 vaccine within the year.

pic credit: google photos- Joe de Livera

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