May 29, 2019

Customarily a post mortem is done within 24 hours after a person’s tragic death, but it has taken more than a month to write about Sri Lanka’s genocide, as a post mortem, that took place on the  Easter Sunday, 21stApril 2019. 

First and foremost, it was impossible to think how some of  the bombers came from respectable families, who had been brainwashed into thinking that by killing anyone against Wahhabism in Islam faith would end up in heaven!  The aim of this column is not to focus on the perished souls but to concentrate on the responsibilities forsaken by the Government of Sri Lanka’s failure on the hierarchical communication system. 

Since the calamity, an expatriate Sri Lankan Group has written to President and the Prime Minster highlighting how the Government grossly failed  in their collective primary duty in underestimating the threat posed by the Islamist terrorists. They make their recommendation follows to avoid a recurrenceof this scale! 

In their top priority list comes the appointment of a person with military experience to the position Secretary of Defence; secondly, to strengthen the National Security Council (NSC); thirdly to establisha Single Source of Communication regarding National Security matters and through this authority  to provide a daily Security briefing to the public ( at least for the next three months); fourthly, to use online channels to respond to rumours and to make any immediate counter announcements as necessary; fifthly to put a stop toGovernment Ministers making ad- hoc statements, which are likely of gaining political mileage and finally, to establish a single NSC Twitter feed and a Facebook page and to ensure it is updated regularly. The most important aspect of their recommendation is to establish a National Threat Level System( which is detailed in point form in the letter to the  PM and President with a view to continue with strong actions to prevent any backlash against any community


Easter Sunday

The President  Sirisena was in Singapore at the time of  the disaster. His version  ( on TV and at various other platforms) confirmed how he  became to be aware of the incident from the social media (Facebook)’! ThePrime Minister castoff his responsibilities by stating, “ he was never invited to  any of the Security Council Meetings for six months”!  

Venerable Mawarale Baddhiya thero,a well-respected Buddhist monk, who usually devotes his time on Buddhist discourses (applicable to modern  living) was highly critical of the leaders of the present regime for their inability to save the Country from a National disaster. ‘Such irresponsible and childish utterances filtered through to the International media have made Sri Lanka a laughing stock, he commenced his reproach.DenouncingPM’s approach,the Venerable had to say that “ Ranil Wickremesinghe was free to express his personal ideas or utter any gibberish openly, but as The Prime Minister of this Nation, he had to be more responsible in his approach and statements on a matter of National Security! 


Warning Alert 

Despite DIG Priyalal Dissanayake’s warning  of an imminent terrorist attack, which he received on 4thApril 2019 from Indian intelligence Service, to the IGP and the Defence Secretary, it has now been established what both of them adopted was a lackadaisical approach by  ‘minuting’ the document and circulating in the normal administrative snail space procedure.

 Everyone directed an accusing finger at the IGP and Defence Secretary for shirking their official responsibilities,  Defence Secretary,  in particular, was chastised  for speaking to a foreign journalist  how he viewed the red alert warning with a pinch of salt and the ‘hotels had to seek their own security’! What an arrogant and irresponsible utterance in the face of a National disaster? Well !  paying for their sins, the IGP was sent on compulsory leave, and Hemasiri Fernando had to quit the job. The new Solicitor General, who assumed duties only a few days  ago, had directed criminal investigations against  both officials’ failure  to act on intelligence warnings about the Easter Sunday holocaust.

Crocodile Tears

It is customary for the  Government of Sri Lanka to shed crocodile tears, immediately after an incident   because the  Government of Sri Lanka doesn’t adopt a public policy, and officials and politicians deem to think as they please, or purposely taking the omniscient attitude to nurture themselves. Due to this very fact, no one  officially accepted responsibility for the sloppiness of protecting the National Security, which created fear psychosis throughout the country, because of this very reason the  confidence in the government is at rock bottom. 

The closing down of schools for over a week initially was its first proof. Parents naturally refused to send children to schools when  allegations became rampant about  politicians’  and security personnel’s children were securely kept at home ! The unrest managed to  increase a sense of panic, ambiguity, mistrust and bitterness amongst the parents naturally. Authorities, in the meanwhile, appeared to be engaged in a game of political ping-pong and passing the  buck to each other. If a National disaster of this magnitude were to take place in any other country, the whole government would have resigned out of shame! 

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith.

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal  Ranjith suppressing  his solemn feelings pronounced, the Government should have  at least informed him about the red alert warnings received by the Sri Lanka Intelligence, in order  that he may have been able to help in avoiding such a catastrophe . “Politicians responsible for the  Easter Sunday attack should be expelled; Some of them are living freely and pretending to be saints, but they should remember that though they are not punished  by the people, they will be punished by God,” declared the grieved Cardinal.

When combined efforts of the Security Forces managed to unearth caches of weapons and ammunition, while arresting scores of suspects, who seemed to have had links with the Islamist terrorism, it gave rise to fear psychosis amongst people on a possible second attack on schools and Buddhist temples, as heaps of yellow robes, women’s skirts and army camouflage suits were unearthed from different parts of the country.

This fear was triggered  by an incident when a man wearing a Burka was arrested by police, which  undoubtedly managed to raise unexpected anxiety among the innocent Muslim population expecting an uprisal by Sinhala radical mobs, yet the timely action by the Muslim leaders and the clergy managed to diffuse any anti-Muslim sarcasm  by appearing on TV  and stating, ‘Quran does not prescribe the burqa, but women’s head had to be covered with a scarf of dupatta’;In the meanwhile, Ministry of  Religious and Cultural Affairs  warnings not to use  mosques for radicalising  congregations’ managed to calm the situation.

Partisan stance of the Government

Still, there hangs issueswith regard to the ideological attitude of the government for not implementing the law to the very letter –  meaning “ The Law is applicable to  everyone irrespective of  status or power”. This is again due to the Government’s placid attitude of summoning a few to the CID and ignoring powerful members of the Government, such as Richard Bathiudeen, to record a statement, which in a manner will absolve him from  barrages of accusations against the Minister, rather than permitting him to issue press releases and media briefings about his innocence ( as he claims).

The biggest headache for the government at present is  about the Minister of Trade & Commerce, Rishard Bathiudeen, who is alleged to have had allegiance to the Islamist terrorists and  particularly having connections with  the Chairman of Colombo Traders’ Association (CTA), Y. M. Ibrahim, who is now in detention. Ibrahim is alleged  to be the father in law of Rishard Bathiudeen,  and Ibrahim’s son was declared as one  of the suicide bombers  responsible for the recent carnage. The Minister,  of course , vehemently denies any official dealings or personal connections with Ibrahim and stresses howstrong believers they are of Islam. “Allah does not approve terrorism or fundamentalism, and  I am not connected to terrorists nor do I support terrorism,” assures the Minister. 

However, the latest uproar over the Army Commander’s statement how the Minister Rishard Bathiudeen phoned him thrice to enquire about Ibrahim has made the Government somewhat uncomfortable. The Minster has so far confirmed that  “he did not exert pressure on any one into releasing any suspect connected with the Easter Sunday attack”. Responding to the Army Commander’s statement  in particular to the media, the Minister admitson two occasions  he has ‘made enquiries about the  suspects  on a request from their parents but did not ask for their release’. The Army Commander’s version is that  the Minister phoned him three times,and on the third count he (Army Commander) had asked the Minister to phone him  again in  “eighteen months’ time’ ! So, it is a matter up to the general public to decide upon who is right or wrong! 

The opposition has already  handed over a ‘no-confidence motion’ against the Minister Rishard Bathiudeen to the Speaker, mainly because it is said that ‘ the Minister has been able to stain the reputation of the entireMuslim community’. However, according to the Leader of the House,  the Speaker will be compelled to reject the no confidence motion, due to an error on the date mentioned therein. Are people to expect another spectacle?

Whatever said and done, Sri Lankans as a Nation should be able to live in harmony,  as before over the past centuries, but isolation of the entire Muslim community due to Islamist terrorism ora political Coup d’état will only induce the whole community into the hands of the extremists and  terrorists.

pic credit. Ceylon Today, google pics

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