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Re-visiting PWC

Annual Rival Cricket Match – Battle of the Golds

May 10, 2017

The most memorable event during our time was the annual cricket match between St. Sebastian’s College and PWC. Those who are familiar with the geography of Prince of Wales College will know that the vast cricket ground is facing the main Galle road. When the English cricketer  Dennis Compton once visited Sri Lanka and  played at Prince of Wales College grounds, it is said that spectators watching from top of  huge trees,  which were planted far beyond boundary lines had to duck when he pulled out massive sixes’ ‘over the main road through the branches of trees!

The College compound became a bee-hive with students from both colleges during the rival match with cheering in many forms while some got into lorries and started waving flags, chanted slogans, sang songs and played steel bands to give a real carnival atmosphere. More than a game for the cricketers, it became a fun fair  for spectators!


Once during the annual rivalmatch, a popular teacher from St. Sebastian’s College who was renowned for his side-splitting acts, especially. Known for going out of the class room and swallowing the contents of two   raw eggs at the end of the first lesson during a double period. He was well known for carrying eggs in his coat pocket for an emergency. He was spotted by some boys amidst the crowd who watched the match at  PWC grounds. It was a crucial moment where Cambrians were seen as the winners when this teacher was seen taking his rosary out of his pocket swiftly and praying to God, perhaps seeking divine help to save St. Sebastian’s from defeat………!

Some  boys, having caught his presence dashed towards him, grabbed, lifted  and carried him on their arms round the grounds shouting, “He is a jolly good fellow….. He is a jolly good fellow……”. The uncomfortable master had no choice while he was hurled up and down in the air even passing the college staff who were watching the match with the Principal at PWC.

Carrying a couple of eggs in his jacket pocket by this teacher for emergency energy to  boost upenergy was an open secret among the boys! One impish student in the carrying crowd grabbed his jacket and squeezed both pockets hard while he was swinging up and down in the air. The eggs broke and made a mess inside his jacket pocket. The poor master must have been cursing the culprit for the inconvenience caused but unfortunately he had  no choice in that position until he was put down on to the ground before any cleaning out of the pocket could be done.

 Reproduced in tilaksblog


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