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PWC Sports Meet

June 28, 2012


An interesting story or rather a top secret, which had been kept under wraps for over half a century   surfaced after the publication of re-visiting PWC series, through interaction of emails among old Cambrians For confidentiality sake, I am withholding all identities to avoid any embarrassment, even at this late stage, but only looking at the entertaining aspect of the incident.

Annual sports meet was regarded as a vital event in the PWC calendar. During our time we belonged to five inter-sports-Houses namely, Jayasooriya, Founders, Gunawardena, Lewis and Mendisfrom which athletes competed to bring glory and pride to their respective houses and finally to grab the Challenge Cup. Usually, before the commencement of sports activities a ceremonial March Past took place with members of each House led by a pole bearer carrying the respective House Flag.


The narrated story by the old Cambrian is about an incident when an individual who had no knowledge whatsoever of Cadetting becoming the pole bearer and marching with ‘chest forward and a prominently protruded posterior’ (C….F…, P ….B!)in an awkward pose, which gave an eye full to the onlookers. Even to this day those who remember the incident exclaim, “Oh! What a scene it was”…..….!

The vital part of the story is about energising athletes as they took part in various events in the hot sun and to ensure they did not get dehydrated. For this very purpose glucose was mixed in abundance with water making it a refreshing drink. One smart House Captain, with the presence of mind, decided to mix approximately quarter bottle of arrack into the basin of glucose to work as a catalyst to boost performances of athletes of his House.

The ‘pole bearer’, probably getting high spirited with the consumption of glucose drink was seen doing rapid visits back and forth to the track area and to the marquee where the glucose drink was being served until the whole basin full of the ‘spirited’ drink was consumed by all. 

The ultimate result was that the new formula with adulterated glucose with an arrack base had done the trick for the particular House where some of the athletes who normally ended up at fourth position and less astoundingly finished as the first in many events enhancing the rating and helped the particular house to grab 76 percent of all the trophies. It was considered a ‘massive haul’by any means and the House Captain and athletes finally ended up posing for a photograph at a studio at Kurusagas Handiya.

A Journey through Wales

At one time Merrill de Silva and Brindley Perera were joint editors for the College Magazine (The Cambrian) while late Messrs APM Peiris and Nobert Dias were school editors. Prior to the release of the college magazine Nobert Dias met with a tragic death and the Principal late JBC Rodrigo insisted that      ‘a stop press article’be inserted in that issue, which was written by A.P.M. Peiris. In the same issue, a senior engineer at the then Radio Ceylon, the late R.E.H. Perera, published an article captioned, “A Journey through Wales” which described an outing in the UK where en-route they had come across a large burial mound on which was inscribed the PWC motto with three feathers.

The entire group had sprung up to attention at once, and sung the Welsh National Anthem, “Among our ancient mountains………..“. Mr. Perera’s memory had instantaneously flashed back to his Alma Mater PWC, which made him sing by himself after the chorus.

Perera’s solo version of the song had led to incredulity of the locals in the party who had wondered as to how this foreigner knew the Welsh National Anthem so well, which had been handled serenely by Perera. 

Time seemed to fly faster than expected as we graduated from junior school, middle school and finally to the gateway to the outside world where we ended up at the O/L class. It came to a stage where one had to put aside all the mischief, pranks and fun and to concentrate on studies seriously as the O/L certificate became the passport to higher education and to one’s future. For some it may have been too late to pick up, but again it all depended on one’s circumstances, ability and least of all providence. ‘All can’t be masters of the world’ and each one had one’s future written before one landed in this world, spiritually speaking.

Finally the future was written for all of us individually, some continued until university entrance, others sought various other seats of learning in Colombo and abroad and a few sought a career. I too left college and sought greener pastures in the UK.

 pic credit: Youtube/PWC

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