May 14, 2023

The Coronavirus entered the 3rd wave in Sri Lanka, and the number of deaths is increasing daily. However, the Government and the  National Operation Centre for Preventing Covid-19 still seem to follow instructions from a set of western orientated experts and maintain that the injection is the only solution to stop the pandemic. Meanwhile, Hela physicians and Ayurveda doctors blame the Government for allowing people to die unnecessarily by ignoring Ayurveda and Hela medicine. They view it as a national disaster and think that the Government is helpless and compelled to listen to the ‘highly educated’ western medicine orientated specialists.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 over a year ago, Western medicine could not find a drug to combat the virus, but various countries invented different types of vaccines on a fast track. Western orientated experts in Sri Lanka seem to depend on vaccines  alone and expect the general public to wear face masks, wash hands regularly and maintain a social distance. Still, Ayurveda and Hela physicians say the Government is spending millions of rupees trying to solve the covid-19 situation when there are economically adaptable Hela and Ayurveda solutions to combat the problem. Even those scientists, who invented vaccines, do not seem to know the long-term consequences of such vaccine(s).

 Chaotic Situation

Coronavirus pandemic spread thick and fast, initially causing mayhem worldwide and caused deaths to an unprecedented level; plague equally crippled the world economy. The virus attacked people indiscriminately, and numerous ideologies erupted from various nations according to their cultural backgrounds.  Some countries identified it as a curse from God; others said it started after consuming Tong Seng Bat meat, which is supposed to cure asthma. Those who believed in the Universe maintain it is due to the destruction of the environment. Others simply say that it was customary to reduce the world population by natural disasters from time to time.

In the second World War twenty-two million of the world population perished; at the same time, fifty million died of a pandemic associated with fever in Spain. In 1929 the entire world population was affected by a drastic economic turmoil, and people lost jobs throughout the world.  In 1933 Adolf Hitler took over Germany, followed by the second world war, where sixty million people perished.  It followed the Korean war that destroyed a significant amount of people.  In 1964 the Vietnam war broke out, and ended in 1975. According to a study carried out scientifically, the Bengal famine of 1943 was the only one in modern Indian history.  It argued, “how Churchill-era and British policies significantly accounted for contributing to the catastrophe”. The famine killed up to three million people, and people used to drop dead on the streets of Kolkata akin to the present situation in India.

Tasuku Honjo, a Japanese physician-scientist and immunologist, who won the 2018 Nobel Prize, commented on a FB post about the Coronavirus. He kept the question open for people to find out whether it had anything to do with the wrath of God or a natural disaster. He warned that millions of people would die every day and humanity would once again have to face a scary time. He expected the truth-seeking fearless, investigative journalists to challenge and expose those in power.

Tasuku Honjo also argued whether a particular nation created the Coronavirus? His comment has become viral on the internet, arguing: “If it were natural, it would not have adversely affected the entire world because as per nature, temperature varies from country to country. It is an entirely artificial virus,  manufactured. I have forty years of research experience on animals and virus, and it is not natural. I  (Tasuku Honjo ) worked for four years in the Wuhan laboratory in China and  I am fully acquainted with all the staff of that laboratory. I have been phoning them after the Coronavirus surfaced. However, all their phones are dead for the last three months. It is now evident that all those lab technicians may have died.  I can confirm with one hundred per cent confidence that the Coronavirus is not natural. It did not come from bats but China manufactured it. If what I am saying today is proved false, or after my death, the Government can withdraw my Nobel Prize. China is lying, and this truth will be out one day  to everyone.”

Sri Lanka’s situation.

During the first stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sri Lanka managed quite effectively, with proper guidance and direction from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by liaising with the Health authorities. Sri Lanka went through the 2nd wave and is fast approaching the third phase, which contains a dangerous variant where the germ can float in the air can infect so many people.

The fundamental problem in Sri Lanka appears to be that medical experts reject Helawedakama or Ayurveda treatment. Sri Lanka has a variety of herbs whose effectiveness has proved across many generations. These herbs come within two classified groups — ‘heating‘ and ‘cooling‘. The ‘cooling‘ herbs are administered to patients contracted with diabetes, imbalances in the lipid profile, or even cancer. The ‘heating’ herbs have a comparatively lower antioxidant potential than the ‘cooling’ herbs. However, this classification has been misunderstood due to inconsistent interpretations and a lack of scientific reasoning. Hela and Ayurveda doctors maintain it is absurd for western doctors to reject the Hela or Ayurveda treatment as all preparations are made out of natural herbs with no side effects.  These come through the generations for over 6000 years BCM (before the common era).

Coronavirus pandemic has become a hot potato in Sri Lanka at present. On the one side, Western medicine-oriented doctors maintain their stand. On the other, the Hela and Ayurvedic circle maintain that the Government is in a limbo situation, not knowing what action to take. Also, the question as to why the Sri Lanka Government wastes so much money in building massive Ayurveda hospitals and research centres, such as one in Navinna, Maharagama if Ayurveda is not given its due place!

Determined Vedamahattaya

Amila Sanjeeva, in the Gampaha district, hails from an ancestral (Paramparika) medical family. He has found a cure for the Coronavirus through his ancestral knowledge and medical journals (weda potha) that comes down from his earlier generations.  Still, he laments that the Sri Lankan western orientated experts do not approve of his Kashayaa and immunity booster (prepared out of rare, and age-old medicinal herbs that grow in Sri Lanka). Yet hundreds of people gather at Mahasen Veda Madura daily to obtain his immunisation boosters. He distributes them free of charge stating (Mahasen YouTube video )  that I shall not allow my people to die in vain”. He works in close association with the State Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health, Sisira Jayakody. He was also blessed by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to proceed with his life-saving campaign. He intends to go from village to village distributing Kasaya free of charge.  He assures that he is determined to carry out his campaign and no one will be able to stop him from going ahead with his charity programme. His motto is ” to save thousands of human lives’  who die of Coronavirus unnecessarily and has assured that he would completely put an end to this Covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka.  On 18th May 2021, Amila Sanjeeva distributed his Kashaya and immunity booster free of charge to thousands of locals in the Gampaha district. It was highlighted in the Ayubowan Sri Lanka YouTube channel.

Amila Sanjeewa is also a member of the Sinhala Medical Heritage, who works to get the Hela and Ayurveda treatment a chance to treat Corona affected patients officially. Few members of the Medical Heritage appeared on TV Derana on a discussion recently. During the programme, Professor Nalin de Silva wanted to know what western medical specialists precisely treat Coronavirus affected patients with, at hospitals and quarantine centres, when they claim that so many cured patients were released daily.


Meanwhile, when the whole world has become a victim of the Coronavirus, a  Sri Lankan Ayurveda doctor H.M. Withanchchi has found an inhaler called the ‘Germ Killer’, which has no side effects. Rather than consuming any medicine, it involves inhaling twice a day through the nose and the mouth. The inhaler is Registered at the Dept of Ayurveda  ( Reg.No.06/02/01/PK/21/1082) consists of a mixture of leaves (comprising Ceylon Cinnamon, Peppermint, Yakinaran, Lime, Pawatta, Dried Ginger, Clove’s powder, Black Pepper Powder and Wenivel Powder. Several members of the Ayurveda Sutra Committee has approved the inhaler. The inventor, Dr H.M. Withanachchi has been a member of Ayurveda Research Committee for several years.

Ayurveda and Hela treatment consider there are three elements in the human body as VATHA (Air), PITHA (Fire) and KAPHA(Phlegm). Any nostril or oral germ contamination will stick it on the phlegm instantly. Therefore, phlegm samples are used for many medical testing purposes           (eg.Covid-19)

The inhaler comes in three sizes; 2 glass bottles and the largest size comes in a wooden receptacle, all of them are packed with a mixture of withered natural herbal leaves. The inhaler should be used twice a day for better results. “The fragrance of herbal leaves will comfort anyone suffering from blockages of the nostrils, catarrh, headache, and sinus related issues. It is highly recommended for those who snore. It fits into any a trouser pocket, lady’s handbag, or students’ satchel.” Some consider it is ideal to keep one in the car.  Anyone interested in obtaining the  ‘Germ Killer’ inhaler, may contact the writer. Incorporating more details would entail an advertisement.

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