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Science does not understand the ancient instintive wisdom

April 30, 2018

Face-2-Face with Dr.Mass R. Usuf

In recent times with beneficial properties of urine being discovered by modern day biochemists, with graduated overt practice in the face of changing society where stigma was not that serious, and with International conferences being held on uropathy, the practice of uropathy has become an interesting topic to be discussed. Uropathy boldlychallenges any scientist to prove it wrong! Unfortunately, science does not still possess tools to understand the incomprehensible, which is born of ancient instinctive wisdom…………which is understood in tits and bits over the centuries by tottering modern day science

The following are the excerpts of an interview Dr. Tilak S.Fernando had with  Dr. Mass R. Usuf on uropathy. Here he comes  out with some unbelievable, yet impressive arguments, which go back to many Centuries to confirm that urine, in fact, is the best medicine for the human body to restore and maintain health. Following are excerpts of the interview:

  1. The moment you suggest drinking urine, any human being’s reaction would be one of sheer astonishment………….maybe tinged with some revulsion! How do you then make people to accept what you say, leave alone persuading them to drink urine – for better health?
  2. Yes, most people do get astonished, and some even may show revulsion at the notion. But once I start speaking seriously about uropathy, then most, I am sure, the fortunate ones, will become ardent listeners, and start practisingit too when  astonishment and revulsion to begin recede and understanding and commitment pervade.

This is a very serious subject………..if I am to quote: In the Damar Tantra (an ancient Sanskrit work), Lord Shiva expounds to His Divine Consort, Goddess Parvati, the benefits of urine therapy in 107 shlokas.Moreover, The Christian Old Testament says: ‘Drink waters out of thine own cistern’(Proverb 5-15). Prophet Mohamed had ordered some people of the tribe of Ukl and Uraynah to drink the urine of camels when they fell sick (Medicine of the Prophet – page 55). The great Tibetan yogi Milarepahas stated the benefits of urine when monks perform exacting penances (G.C.C. Chang : Milarepa in Ragma, Boulder & London 1977). Our own Vedamahaththays (native doctors ) made use of urine in many forms to treat various ailments. In some areas of medicine (like in some smatters of other incomprehensible items) the wisdom of the ancients born of the verities of metaphysics shouldn’t be ignored, as man’s scientific knowledge is still learning to crawl!

  1. If we discuss about modern times, how would you go about it?

A.To come to modern times, the common drug Premarinhas a urine component as its primary base. Urokinaseand other clot busters given in a cardiac emergency again have a urine component as its primary base. The many fertility drugs that adorn pharmacy shelves today are made out of an extract of pregnant mare’s urine ……….. and many more, the pharmaceutical giants would not want to reveal!! In fact, the base  of many perfumery products is based on urine extracts!!Ladies ………… how about your moisturiser cream tomorrow morningwhen you set out to work?

  1. Q. Can you think of any specific modern scientists as living examples to substantiate your theory?

A.Dr. Morris Mezel, Chief Surgeon of Edgewater Hospital, Chicago, USA states that there is no substance more efficacious than urokinase(urine extract) to treat heart disease. Dr Maganbhai Salariaof Ahmedabad injects patients with their own urine when preparing them for various surgeries. He says, it prevents post-surgical complications and maintains the efficiency of the heart. Dr Hamao,Professor, Medical University of Kyoto, Japan has managed to isolate a substance from human urine, which is beneficial in the treatment of cancer (The Illustrated Weekly of India, August 26, 1973). Nobel Laureate Albert Sczent Georgyihad considerable success with methyl glyoxal(a urine extract) in the treatment of cancer. The English treatise on therapeutics, ‘Salmon’s English Physician’, 1695, talks of the prophylactic and healing properties of urine.

  1. How about a full body massage with urine and of urine fasting. Could you elaborate on it?
  2. Urine fasting, urine drinking and urine body massage is the first line of attack suggested by uropaths to rid the body of cancer ………… with a high degree of efficacy. For body massage, stale urine of about 4 days old is used. The whole body is massaged well and left to dry for some time. It is then washed off using WITHOUT soap. It is an ideal complementary treatment for cancer patients and for any chronic, life threatening condition.

While fasting for a day or two every month or so (first consult an uropathy expert for directions) and drinking only urine (sometimes complemented with water) as the only ‘beverage’  is a superlative treatment for continued general health. But cancer patients can benefit greatly by fasting from three to 14 days or even more depending on the degree of the disease. A few bouts of urine fasting would give astounding results in cancer patients.

  1. Many would like to think that urine being a waste product could be poisonous to the human body contrary to what you say!
  2. A. I am sorry to disagree with you here – urine is the purest liquid in the world, purer even than distilled water………….it is sterile. Put it under the microscope and you will see. In fact, urine has very strong detoxifying properties that leaches the poisons in you when drunk regularly…………..so it can no way be poisonous to you. Moreover, you cannot have a poisonous substance in the kidneys, urethras and Urine per se does not have pathogens but passing or stored urine (in the urinary tract/urinary bladder) can be contaminated with bacteria when the urinary system is infected – like blood would (with blood being pure otherwise) in a case of septicaemia. If it is something dirty and harmful, one will not be able to store it within one’s body!! Urine is only excess body fluid, a filtrate of blood chockfull of pre-digested super nutrients. You cannot filter rubbish from pure blood!
  3. So what are the beneficial compounds that have been discovered to boost one’s health or to act as a preventative agent against disease?
  4. A. Hundreds of substances beneficial to human health have been identified in urine with more and more being discovered and many more yet to be known to science. To call it a ‘waste product’is not semantically correct. It is the excess water that is pumped out to maintain body fluid balance and with it many nutrients in a potentised form are pumped out. It is this potentised nature of urine that exerts a positive influence upon the physiology. In homoeopathy, drugs are potentisedand it is this potentised effect that wards off disease by acting on the vital force within the human body.


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  1. Q. So, do you mean to say that drinking urine is almost akin to swallowing taking vitamin pills?
  2. Drinking urine would mean that the body is constantly being supplied with nutrients (enzymes, hormones, salts, vitamins, natural steroids, trace minerals etc), which the body may lack at times owing to metabolic dysfunction or disease. The body would re-absorb what is lacking and shed the excess off again. The outflow and inflow of urine thus assures good health in a continuous manner. It is much, much more powerful than swallowing artificial vitamin pills – some of which are not body friendly and some subject to malabsorption (with much of the money going waste via the commode!)
  3. I can guarantee that 99% of the people will entertain the idea of drinking urine with repugnance…………….. a waste product as they would see it. How can anyone even think of attempting to drink urine when such feelings dominate one’s mind?
  4. A. You will be surprised to know that approximately 70% of my patients practice uropathy. 99% repugnance gets converted to 70% compliance!! How? Two things. One is the realisation by them that uropathy with a hallowed tradition has more than mere ingrained verities. Second the patient wants relief – at any cost – even at the cost of shedding his or her prejudices. You either got to be a suffering patient with a disabling, painful or life threatening condition or anunprejudiced person to understand that!!
  5. Do you drink urine as a health drink and What does it taste like?
  6. A. It is like water ……….. or less than water………..it’s difficult to describe the taste. You got to drink it and see for yourself. Urine naturally has a salty taste and once its vapour gets oxidised with air it can be obnoxious. But after only a few days of drinking urine the smell and the taste disappear. This is the amazing thing about urine. It happens ONLY to those who practise uropathy. Their urine becomes totally colourless and free of smell and taste.
  7. What advice would you give to someone who has a belly full of beer in relation to drinking one’s own urine?
  8. The product called urine should ideally be the product of body friendly intakes. I would not consider beer as a body friendly intake. Traditionally, a person practicing uropathy is supposed to keep off spirits and tobacco and be more of a vegetarian than a carnivorous. Anyway, in my opinion even those not adhering to traditional requirements can practice uropathy – so, beer drinkers can drink urine and derive benefits.
  9. When I think of it, I remember when I was a kid, people used to say to apply urine for any kind of local burn! Is there any truth in it?
  10. You would find people telling you so a generation and a half back and predominantly so in the eastern countries. Things have changed now. Wisdom by instinct has been replaced by commercialised modern medicare worshipped by the new generation. The Vedamahaththayas (native Ayurvedic practitioners of Sri Lanka) of yore took with them the many secrets of uropathy when the commercialised modern medicare overwhelmed them. Coming to your point – urine is not only the cure for local burns of a superficial nature, but even for serious third degree burns all over the body. It retards harmful microbial activity by providing a sterile surface on the burnt area against infection and helps in healthy tissue proliferation. Therefore, it is ideal for burns………..of any degree!
  11. Under what circumstances should one not practise uropathy?
  12. One must not drink urine if one’s blood glucose level is above normal(ie: sugar in the urine). One may refrain from drinking urine if one is having a urine infection(although some proponents maintain it is okay – and I do agree with them). One must avoid drinking urine late in the night. One must avoid the first stream of the morning urine(some uropaths do). Women must not drink urine either when they are menstruating or having profuse leucorrhoeaor if they think they are liable to contaminate the urine by their menstruum or the vaginal discharge or if they are having an overt persistent vaginal infection (candidiasis for eg.) or if they secrete pus from the urethra owing to some infection (but some proponents do).
  13. What are the Do’s then in your theory?
  14. Take the morning urine first – but midstream onwards. Drink as much urine as possible during the day – the more, the merrier – any stream! Take urine in a sterile container (as urine is sterile and pure and should not be contaminated).

A urine mouthwash by gargling the urine in the mouth before you swallow it is extremely good for disorders like gingivitis, bleeding gums, receding gums, shaky teeth, pyorrhea, aphthous stomatitis etc. Brushing your teeth with urine is a good thing too. Put a few drops of urine in the ear in case of ear disorders. Put a few drops of urine in the nasal passage (nose) to clear the passage. A few drops in the eyes when having kerato conjunctivitis works wonders (even for other eye disordersurine application all over the body as often as you can (no massage – as massage is only with stale urine) will enrich your skin and give you a youthful look. Simply apply urine all over the body and let it dry for about 10 minutes before washing – use no soap. Stale urine applied to the head is good for hair problems.

As a first aid for any type of wounds – lacerations, incised, superficial skin damage etc., it is incomparable. Dip a piece of cotton in urine and squeeze some drops over the wound thrice a day. Keep it covered lightly if it is extensive and deep. In no time the wound would heal sans complications. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties, keeps the wound sterile and promotes healing……..if it is a ‘waste’ a ‘poison’ how can it heal? All patients in my clinic apply urine on wounds and are astounded by its fast action.

  1. It sounds like a ‘kokatath thailaye’(drug for anything!) to put it in a Sinhala phrase!
  2. You can say it again and a million times more! It IS the wonder drugbordering on the panacea for all ailments!!
  3. If this is such a miracle and a medicinal drink and helps people to maintain their health in the pink, why hasn’t it caught up with masses at large throughout the world? Surely people will not want to go to doctors and undergo surgeries etc., if they can look after their health by themselves, by just drinking urine ?
  4. You yourself said that people look at it with repugnance and revulsion……that people look at it as some poisonous waste matter. In that case how can it ever be appealing to people? Nobody would want to drink it, and naturally it has not ‘caught up’. It is the people who should be blamed for their ignorant attitude and not urine with its wonderful properties!!

Also, uropathy since its inception has been cloaked with a holistic mantle and acquired a spiritual essence with mostly yogis and ayurvedic practitioners practicing it. Another reason for its sluggish perpetuation.

Even centuries back, people must have looked at urine as something very obnoxious and would look at a man drinking it with revulsion. A man could get easily ostracised for drinking urine. So, people who did drink urine for health benefits over the centuries did it surreptitiously. Yet another reason why it was not overtly popular but covertly practiced.

In recent times however with beneficial properties of urine being discovered by modern day biochemists, with graduated overt practice in the face of changing society where stigma was not that serious, with international conferences being held on uropathy, the practice of uropathy became a thing to be talked about. Look at us now – we are here – you and I  am talking about it – and others are reading this!! No fear of stigma, no covertness.

Moreover, people must be educated. The time has dawned with this age of the Internet and mass communication where awareness can be disseminated to a greater population at a faster pace than some generations back when such awareness was possible only among a few practicing uropaths living in disparate small illiterate communities. This way uropathy can be made more popular and people will ‘catch up’. Centuries of revulsion may take a century for acceptance – let’s start now!

  1. How many glasses or pints a day would you recommend one to experiment with?
  2. It depends on the attitude of the person…………ranging from a tablespoon to a full glass. Some dilute it with water the first few times. One can drink as much as he or she wants………..even one glass a day is beneficial.

Indian PM Desai was a firm believer in drinking urine.

  1. If I am correct, the former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai was a firm believer in drinking his own urine. Do you know of any other prominent personalities or world leaders who have adopted this theory and set themselves as living examples of exemplary health?
  2. Take my patients as an example. About 70% of my patients practice uropathy. But 99% of them do not want to be known as uropathy practitioners as they feel that the other person wouldn’t understand. And so, it is the case with many people – normal people or those well-known – where they wish to keep their practice of uropathy a secret. That does not in any way demean the physiological verities behind uropathy but they keep prominent personalities practicing uropathy well concealed
  3. Can anyone drink anyone’s urine?
  4. A. Whether you drink water from your tap or from the neighbour’s, it does not matter – the water is the same! If a person is diabetic he or she can drink the urine of the spouse or of a child………..or of a neighbour’s! In India there are people drinking cow’s urine………….and as I said before, the Holy Prophet Mohamed ordered some people of the tribe of Ukl and Uraynah to drink the urine of camels when they fell sick. So, I see nothing wrong for a person to drink another person’s urine!!
  5. Has any adverse reports subsequent to urine drinking been reported?
  6. No. For the last 10,000 years or so urine drinking has been practiced, and there is no ancient or modern document to show that urine drinking or uropathy in toto is harmful…………only testimonies as to its efficacy are abundant……..even from cancer patients who were sentenced to death by the modern orthodox system!!

If a therapeutic system is harmful even in the least of ways, surely there will be reports about such harm over a period of ten thousand years!! Even modern day investigations have not uttered a ‘factual’ sound where uropathy is concerned. Every new-fangled therapy or old fangled therapy has been cut and chopped and its innate essence questioned – NOT urine therapy with’ cogent’ facts!!

Uropathy boldly challenges any scientist to prove it wrong! Unfortunately, science does not still possess tools to understand the incomprehensible, which is born of ancient instinctive wisdom…………which is understood in tits and bits over the centuries by tottering modern day science.

Dr. Mass R Usuf Could be contacted by emailing: alt_med@yahoo.com



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